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What Products Are Typically Destroyed

Products that are typically destroyed are those products that could hurt you, your stockholders or the general public if they fell into the wrong hands.

Products which could hurt YOU if not properly shredded

Imagine if someone got hold of some packaging and filled the packaging with inferior or harmful product and then sold the packages at a flea market. Your brand would certainly be harmed. If the product were dangerous, you could have serious liability. Suppose counterfeit products were found. They would have to be shredded.

Products which could hurt OTHERS if not properly shredded

Imagine you have a recalled product, such as a bike helmet (or something that can hurt children). Your liability is huge. The lawsuits for such products have bankrupted companies. Imagine if the product flaw is not noticeable. Now imagine their temptation to take the product out of the dumpster and resell the product. You don't want to bet your company's future on the good nature of your employees or any one else who has access to your dumpsters or even products after they leave your dumpster.

There was a customer in June who needed to destroy shoes which contained high levels of lead. These products could have harmful effects on people. If discovered, businesses could be liable for breaking the law as well as damages caused by the harmful product.

Of course, any product of yours that could hurt others will eventually hurt you too.

Example of Actual Products Which Companies Have Asked Members to Destroy

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?: We have two truckloads of merchandise that needs to be destroyed and witnessed by

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?: I need to destroy in my warehouse aprox 350 DVD boxes (of microsoft) in order to get the credit memo from microsoft. i need if you could confirm you actually do that certificate of destruction, cost and procedure.

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?: I have product that was used for a Market research study and needs to be destroyed as it is a prototype.

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?: We have some one's knock-off product from a lawsuit that needs to be destroyed with certification. They are housing it in NJ. There are 1400 pcs of zinc alloy nickel plated key chains. I need to know lead time and approx. cost as soon as possible to finalize our legal agreement. Thank you.

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?: Would like to destroy roughly 1000 handbags. Commute from warehouse in North Bergen, New Jersey. Would like a quote on the cost.

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?: Hello, I am in need of product destruction services. I have 758 units (mix of apparel and shoes) that need to be shredded or burned. I will require a certificate of destruction.

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?: I have about 5800 lbs of out of date food product that needs to be destroyed. In addition, we need to receive a certificate of destruction. Would you be able to pick it up from our warehouse, and how much would this cost?

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?: I would like information regarding product destruction (possibly shoes) and any recycling information that you have. Please email me if you have any questions.

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?: we have about 54 pallets of miscellaneous food products that are expired and need destruction. These are in retail packaging, some are glass bottles, others are PET pouch. We also have some fruit juices in 45gal drums. Please give me a call to discuss.tks

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?: I have several boxes of circuit board assemblies that I would like shredded

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?: 4000 cases of outlawed alcoholic product

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?: Wooden toys with possible choking hazard. 9027.2 kilos, 53.41cbm, 364 master cartons containing 2912 retail sales units. would need verification of destruction and method.